Apply for a Grant

All grant applications must be made by a Family Liaison Worker working within a UK hospital, on behalf of the family in need.

We will provide grants up to £500 for the families of inpatients. Smaller sums may be provided to the families of outpatients up to £150.

One grant application can be made per family in one six month period. All decisions are at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.

If you are successful we will ask you to email us a photograph of bank details before we transfer the grant. It could be a photo of a bank card or screen grab of a banking app.

The Trustees frequently assess applications and we will advise you of the outcome usually within a week of your application via email. If successful, the grant will be paid into the bank account submitted in the application once the Trustees have verified the bank details. The monies are transferred normally within a week of verification.

If you have any questions you can contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Person Applying *
Person Applying
Please enter your NHS Employee Number
Please give a short case for what the family require the money for, why they need it and what difference it would make to their situation.
Details of any other grant applications completed or awarded within the last twelve months. If none, write none.
Details of how any shortfall will be met if we are unable to award the whole amount required.
Parent/Carer's Name *
Parent/Carer's Name
Child's name *
Child's name
Please enter the child's patient number they were given when admitted to hospital
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Sex *
Address of family *
Address of family
The name of the bank you wish us to deposit the grant into.
Account holder *
Account holder