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Our Story

The Cindy Appleyard Foundation has been set up in memory of our daughter Cindy who died in February 2013 aged 10 months.

She was on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit waiting for a heart transplant at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Cindy was eventually diagnosed with MTP (Mitochondrial Trifunctional Protein) Deficiency. It meant that her heart became unable to function without life support.

When Cindy became critically ill we had to re-locate immediately to Newcastle 150 miles from our home, so we could be close to Cindy all the time. We faced the possibility of being in Newcastle for many months.

We realised what it is like for families in our position who had to leave their homes, schools, jobs, friends and family behind with no notice to be near to their sick child.

We have set up The Cindy Appleyard Foundation to help support families during these immensely stressful times.

Cindy's handprint painting

Mission & Values

Providing support to families to alleviate stress when a child is sick

The Cindy Appleyard Foundation provides grants to families who have a child in hospital for an extended period of time. The purpose of the grants is to help families meet costs such as temporary accommodation near their child, travelling to and from the hospital and taking time off work.

Our Impact

Empowering families in need since 2018

Since our establishment in February 2018, our charity has been dedicated to providing aid and support to families in need, and we are pleased to showcase the impact we have achieved through our grant program.


awarded in grants


families helped

“We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the money you gave us whilst our daughter is in GOSH hospital.

Our girl got her gift of a heart transplant back in June 2021. Sadly, it has not been an easy journey or recovery for her and nearly 8 months later we’re still here.

However, the picture is becoming brighter. After trying every drug, piece of kit and skill CICU have, she finally got moved to a HDU ward. She still has a trachy, but happily came off CPAP ventilator support 6 days ago and is now tolerating oxygen.

The grant you sent to us really really helps make a difficult situation feel a little bit easier. Knowing someone out there gets how this feels, is also a big comfort.

Thank you so much for throwing light into the darkness. We hope you continue to be able to help other families like us in the years to come.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful support. My son became ill with an infection in the summer last year and has been in intensive care for six months, he was then moved again to Great Ormond Street for life saving surgery. He has faced an unfathomable journey but has fought every day.

As you have experienced, the financial impact is enormous and as we run our own business there is very little support and we have found it impossible to focus on work whilst living at hospital. Your gift and the kindness that comes with it has helped so much.

Just this week, six months since admission, my little boy was moved out of intensive care and with that his recovery has taken on a speed which has left us and the doctors in awe! We hope that the months are turning to weeks and we may be able to return home soon.

Thank you again.”

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Your support can help us provide vital assistance to families in need